Ecofriendly hotels, green journey and eco-sustainability: the report 2018 by
Ecofriendly hotels, green journey and eco-sustainability: the report 2018 by

Ecofriendly hotels, green journey and eco-sustainability: the report 2018 by

Our Relais Otto Ducati d'Oro is particularly suitable for who travels for work: eco-friendly hotel, services and position make it perfect for business travels in Isola della Scala territory, Verona and Mantua, that ly only few chilometers from our relais. shared the results of its most recent global report about sustainability that saw among the respondents over 6.000 business travelers.

According to this report, "travelling in a green way" continues to gain popularity with a large portion of travelers overall the world (87%) that confirm it will travel in a sustainable way. Beyond the personal trips will to do the right choices even for the planet extends also in the professional sphere and even more people consider the sustainability of their choices when they travel for work. More than half of the interviewed business travelers (52%) say that want to do more eco-friendly choices but doesn’t know how to do it.

Some of who travels for work have already taken a path of eco-sustainability, for example when transport is concerned: over a half (56%) prefer traveling by train or with trucks instead of take a plane and 65% strives as much as possible of using public transports during a business travel. Business travelers are also looking for places to stay that could be greener and just69% is going to stay in an eco-friendly accomodation, next year.

The responsability to do environment low-impact journey choices doesn’t weigh only on the employers and it is encouraging to see how the firms themselves begin to take responsibility and to promote an even more eco-sustainable approach to business trips. Infact, about 40% of business travelers says that book eco-friendly hotels is part of the company values and about a third (35%) affirms that it’s even part of their own travel policies. Having said this, tha majority of respondents (61%) feels that its company should do more to promote eco-sustainable stay options.

Our relais b&b offers business services perfect for who travels for work a in order to make your business trips effective and pleasant. We make your business travels easy with services and reception thought for companies to improve our productivity and eliminate stress and travel fatigue with conventions for companies such as preferential rates.

Not only this, for some months we have offered our Guests the opportunity to free use the new charging station for electric vehicles.

While you car is charging, you can take advantage of it to work, relax or discover the surroundings of our relais maybe renting bikes we make available to our guests.