Who we are

Who we are


The Otto Ducati d'Oro hotel is located inside the Corte Emilei, a listed and artistic complex dating back to the 16th century, where the Artegiani family, who owns the hotel, lives.

The courtyard is dominated by Palazzo Emilei, designed by enlightenment architect Luigi Trezza (1752-1823), with its frescoed facade adorning the courtyard in front of the hotel.

The Otto Ducati d'Oro hotel is a listed building opposite Palazzo Emilei: they are separated by the inner courtyard on one side, the barchesse of the villa and the private garden of the Artegiani family, and, on the other side, the garden of the hotel, which has an outdoor barbecue with tables and chairs for guests (outdoor cooking and al fresco dining available upon request)..

The oldest part of the country hotel dates back to the 18th century, as shown the arches, where the ancient crafts of the countryside were carried out, while the 19th-century portion dof the building was used by the workers of the Court until the late 1990s. The entire hotel was completely renovated a few years ago, retaining, as much as possible, its general appearance to preserve the architectural harmony of the Court.

"PWith a special focus on environmental issues, we choose eco-friendly solutions: heating and hot water are provided by a brand new wood chip-fired system, a by-product of our land planted with poplars, which we will be happy to let you visit. Moreover, we decided to use the ventilated roof, the outer jacket, high thermal insulation windows, Velux windows with blinds controlled by photovoltaic panels to favour energy savings. The floor and ceiling beams are certified and therefore guarantee new trees are replanted. All rooms are soundproofed with thick plasterboard walls, for maximum tranquillity and privacy.

The farm of our family has extensive experience in the production of rice and cereals: this is an area the whole Artegiani family works on.
The desire to offer first-class hospitality stemmed in conjunction with the recovery of the listed buildings annexed to the villa.

The relais is run by sisters Lidia and Veronica, who together with Zeno, their mother Laura, her sister Carolina and their father Ernesto, are at your service to offer you a unique experience, immersed in the beauty of a place that tells the story of the family and of Isola della Scala

The name of the Otto Ducati d'Oro comes from a document dated 1526 we found among the old volumes of a library with volumes and certifying the purchase of the property:

"The instrument of 1526, drawn up by the notary Pasius de Lucis, shows the purchase by Bartolomeo Negrini of... a large portion of meadow land with mulberry trees lying near Isola della Scala in Ponte del Castello, for the price of eight gold ducats"

The interest in history and traditions has been the leitmotiv that guided us in the decoration of the interior, in choosing the furnishings and our approach to hospitality. Every room has designed with passion and dedication, to preserve its timeless charm and the artistic beauty of the area.