Ristorante Pila dell'Abate

Ristorante Pila dell'Abate

This restaurant is located in the picturesque setting created from the "Pila dell'abate", an old mill on the river Piganzo at the centre of Isola della Scala.
In the late 1990s, Renato and Elisabetta decided to renovate the old mill, with evidence of its presence dating back to the 17th century, to offer specialities made with the rice the Leoni family had been producing for over 50 years.

Their love for history and tradition is expressed in the renovation works that maintained the original structure and old machinery used for processing rice.

Among the machines still in operation and clearly visible are the blades and the big wheel of the mill. They create a rustic and friendly setting where you can hear the sound of water passing beneath your feet and the wheel of the mill spinning while you eat, while from some rooms you can see the large garden and the river Piganzo.

The restaurant offers a full menu with starters, risottos and desserts all made from rice and its by-products, as well as typical local dishes with meat, fish and vegetables. The restaurant is open by appointment only to ensure the ingredients used, which are bought every day, are ultra fresh.

Trattoria Pila dell'Abate, Via della Rimembranza, 4 - Isola della Scala
Tel. 045.7301006 – E-mail: info@piladellabate.it - Web: www.piladellabate.it
Open by appointment.