Risotteria Melotti

Risotteria Melotti

Risotteria Melotti, in the heart of Isola della Scala, among the old walls, stemmed from the passion of the famiglia Melotti for planting the riso Vialone Nano, variety. The restaurant offers an innovative cuisine with a full rice-based menu, , from the starters to the wide range of risottos and desserts, along with a selection of typical wines from Verona.

Farmers for generations, the Melotti family has been specialising in the cultivation of the best Italian rice varieties since 1986: riso Vialone Nano Veronese and Carnaroli rice. Situated in the plain south of Verona, an area known for centuries for its rice cultivation, the Melotti farm pursued its business with passion thanks to its founder Giuseppe, by his wife Rosetta and their three children.

The family follows directly its rice at every stage of the process, from cultivation in the countryside to processing and direct sale through the best distribution channels both in Italy and abroad.

Thanks to the gastronomic experience of Rosetta, the Risotteria Melotti opened in 2002 in the heart of Isola della Scala and in 2013 it inaugurated a Risotteria Melotti in New York.The welcoming rooms of this intimate and traditional venue offer a menu entirely made of rice-based dishes and a wide selection of risottos typical of Verona and Veneto. Rice and all the rice specialities of the Melotti family are available for you to taste and buy in the restaurant.

Risotteria Melotti, Piazza Martiri della Libertà 13 – Isola della Scala
Tel. 045.7300236 – E-mail: risotteria@melotti.it - Web: www.risotteriamelotti.it
Closed on Tuesdays.