Coutry relais for Carnival in Verona 2018: from 'Friday gnocolar' to 'Fat Tuesday'
Coutry relais for Carnival in Verona 2018: from 'Friday gnocolar' to 'Fat Tuesday'

Coutry relais for Carnival in Verona 2018: from 'Friday gnocolar' to 'Fat Tuesday'

Please note: past event

"…Verona people are all crazy…". This is a rhyme that expresses the farcical behavior during carnival period full of jokes and coloured masks in Verona. All's fair (or nearly all) for Carnval so you can dress-up as a super eroe or a firefighter, as a forest fairy or a garden gnome. Why not? Super mario Bross too.

The program for Carnival in Verona 2018 is long overdue by children and adults and disguise lovers. Verona is dressing up like a rainbow thanks to the multi-coloured confetti and streamers, from February, 9th that is well known as "venerdì gnocolar" ('venerdì' is Friday, 'gnocolar' derives from 'gnocchi' so venerdì gnocolar is the first day of Carnival in which people living in Verona eat gnocchi).

A great parade of allegorical floats in the streets of the center of Verona, on this first day of carnival 2018 with starti8ng point in Corso Porta Nuova to get to Piazza San Zeno, where the party continues until late evening. Then, party moves on Saturday 10th February, in the afternoon, in Rione dei Filippini with the historical regatta that sees the Prince Reboano descend in canoeing the Adige, tickling the curiosity of visitors, tourists and Veronesi themselves.

Sunday, 11th February, in the morning, Carnival moves to the "Liston" in Piazza Brà and then the party moves to the many Verona's historical neighborhood and to the main villages around the province.

Monday, 12th is "Monday Pignatar 2018": in the afternoon parties continue in St. Stephen's district where you can taste the traditional minestrone listening to good music till late evening.

The last day of Carnival in Verona is called "Fat Tuesday" and it is on February, 13rd. Carnival of Verona ends in this day because "Fat Tuesday" is the day that concludes the traditional "Seven Fat Days of Carnival" before Lent starts. In the daytime, party happens in the afternoon, in Porto St. Pancrazio's district, from 2 p.m. and it continues till late noght with many other parties in the major discos of the city. The following day Lent starts. The liturgical period of conversion and ritual repentance that precedes the Easter.

Take this opportunity to visit Verona and surroundings during Carnival holidays 2018 is absolutely an inspiring and funny idea also from the gastronomic point of view. How to resist the temptation to taste the typical Carnival sweets made in Verona? In Verona we bake "sòssole" or "galani" or "chiacchiere" but Genoese people call them "bugie (lies)", the Tuscans calle them "cenci", the Marchigiani call them "frappe", in addition to the classical "frittelle" e alle "favette". They are sweets date all the way back to ancient Rome and that, this days, are synonymous with "carnival" and you can taste them on Verona's people tables and Italians' ones … and not only there.

Canival sweets in Verona

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