Where can you sleep during the Moto Bike Show 2017 in Verona?
Where can you sleep during the Moto Bike Show 2017 in Verona?

Where can you sleep during the Moto Bike Show 2017 in Verona?

Please note: past event

Otto Ducati d’Oro is our modern and elegant country hotel with b&b immersed in the quiet veronese countryside surrounding Isola della Scala, only few kilometers away from the Verona Exhibition Centre.

It is the perfect location for who travels for work or businessand also for who wants to enjoy a week end of pleasure in contact with the beauties of the veronese countryside with the rice fields and enjoythe architectural wonders of the Verona city center.

Our country hotel b&b offers to our Guests a total relaxation and comfort thanks to the 11 themed rooms perfectly soundproof, beds with memory foam mattresses and pillows, adjustable air conditioning, Wi-Fi and wired internet access in each room and many other comforts and accessories. In the courtyard of the hotel there are car spaces for Guests, protected by an alarm system around them.

In the morning you can make a charge of energy thanks to the hearty italian breakfast. Moreover, our country relais offers also a small fitness area in order to keep fit or, in a simplier way, release stress after a day of work or … at the end of a day or after a day at the exhibition.

Infact, if you are looking for a place where sleep for the Motor Bike Expo 2017 at the exhibition of Verona from 20 to 22 of January 2017, our country hotel could be the ideal solution to satisfy all your needs and requirements.
Everything you are looking for from a hotel like ours, you can find at Otto Ducati d'Oro in province of Verona  thanks to the availability of staff that is at your disposal to satisfy your needs.

We invite you to contact Otto Ducati d'Oro and book your room for the Motor Bike Expo of January 2017.