Walk through the rice fields

Walk through the rice fields

About 10 minutes from the Otto Ducati d'Oro hotel

Our hotel is surrounded by rice paddies, the pride and joy of Isola della Scala.Indeed, in some 10 minutes on foot to the west, the seas of rice fields will appear before your eyes. Depending on the time of year, they will look different: the colour of the sea in April, beautiful emerald green in June or precious golden shades in September and October.

If you're lucky, during the harvest season you'll see the huge combine harvesters at work.

Our company produces excellent rice as well, which is available to taste and buy in the Otto Ducati d’Oro hotel.
Isola della Scala and the plain south of Verona have been used to plant rice since the 16th century, when

Venetian patrician families heavily invested in agriculture, founding villas and flourishing rural courts. Spring water, widely available in our areas, determined the choice of growing rice and the land was filled with rice fields and rice mills equipped with the huskers, some of which you can still visit. One of the most fascinating ones is which is in Passolongo di Isola della Scala, a few kilometres after Buttapietra, and is also one of the oldest ones, as it dates back to 1644.