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Our poll

We wondered why a businessman, or those who simply must stay outside home for work, is more inclined to choose a farm rather than the traditional hotel.

The reasons are many people show a tendency to want to escape from the chaos and bustle of everyday life and show the desire to spend some relaxing time in a nice place pleasant to the eyes and to the senses.

It is important for those who travel a lot, make sure the parking lot, in front of the hotel entrance .

The business-man prefers to be accepted informally by us owners and maybe have a word to distract the mind from the usual thoughts.

Business travelers will also appreciate the care with which we choose the mattresses, memory foam, capable of giving an exceptional rest, essential for anyone who is preparing for a new busy day.

Breakfast in a quiet setting, with views of the lovely garden, is in perfect harmony with the wishes of those who want to enjoy a further quiet moment before work.

Those staying more than one night, depart in the morning knowing that they will return in the evening to enjoy the pleasure of relaxing in our farmhouse with b & b.