Castelvecchio Castle

Castelvecchio Castle

Definitely a destination one can reach and visit in Verona, Castelvecchio is the largest and most spectacular medieval civil building in the area, built on the banks of the river Adige rver in 1354 by prince Cangrande II della Scala to protect Verona's population.

After the Roman Amphitheatre, this is the town's most impressive and imposing monument: erected in a safe manor in a turbulent period marked by wars and conflicts, then salvaged over the centuries and turned into an arms cache, military academy and barracks, in 1925 its became home to the Museum of Castelvecchio.

During World War II it was damaged by bombing and remained empty for about ten years until 1957. when a radical renovation and reorganisation project was launched.

The works were completed in 1964 and returned a museum universally recognised as one of the masterpieces of Italian museography.

The castle is currently the seat of the Municipal Museum of Verona cwhich displays important collections of medieval, Renaissance and modern art. One of the largest collections of Italian art, with a gallery of sculptures, a picture gallery and art library open to the public. The museum also has a room with prints, a numismatic room , and the Boggian room, which is devoted to temporary exhibitions.

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